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About us

We are Tactics Interactive, a Digital Marketing agency.

We have more than 20 years of experience in the sector, and we serve in the 5 continents.

As experts in Online Marketing, we not only know which are the most effective communication tools. But we also develop strategies that help our clients grow in the digital environment, connecting more effectively with their audiences.


We are specialists in carrying out any communication action in the digital environment, be it advertising, promotional, information and entertainment. We create, design and carry out all kinds of digital communication tools, from web pages, banners, portals, content on social networks, and interactive advertising. We advise our clients to develop the most effective digital strategies, according to their objectives, and optimizing their investment. We help brands improve their search engine rankings, to create and grow their online community, and increase traffic to their sites.

Digital Strategy

SOME Strategy / CM

Inbound Campaigns

SEO Positioning

Paid Media

Digital Creativity / Branded Content / Social Content

Web Development

Analytics / KPI's / Reporting

Influencers Management



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